• Oct 4, 2021

    WTP Voted #1 Bike to Buy

    Vital BMX recently conducted their annual Audience Survey, compiling BMX brand preferences from over 2,500 riders.  For 2021, WeThePeople ranked first in both "Current Bike," and "Next Bike to Purchase"!  Congratulations to WTP on this impressive achievement, and to all of the bike shops who stock the brand - this wouldn't be possible without your support.  

    Full survey results and details can be found here - well done to all of the brands on the lists.

    WETHEPEOPLE BIKE CO has been making some of the most advanced and engineered BMX bikes, frames, and components for over 20 years now.  Their bikes are available only via authorized retailers, with no direct consumer sales.  

  • May 13, 2021

    ODI Maiden America Grips

    ODI continues to celebrate the many Maiden America roadtrips with QBP BMX, Profile Racing, and FBM Bike Company by creating a special edition grip.  Includes one red and one blue flangeless Soft Longneck with bar ends.  Grab an extra pair and swap with your friends.  Made in the USA!  QBP #: HT3691

  • Mar 29, 2021

    Product Highlight - Odyssey’s Grandstand v2 Pedal

    Take a closer look at the Grandstand v2 Pedal.  Odyssey's design features a unique slim profile, a wide platform, a comfortable concave, with an extremely strong spindle configuration.  Grandstand v2 pedals are available in Alloy, or PC with an array of colors.  QBP #PD9144

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    Odyssey Grandstand Pedal Internals

    Grandstand v2 Pedal

    Second version of the popular Grandstand pedal

    Redesigned internal configuration to reduce axial movement

    Proprietary 14mm heat-treated chromoly spindle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach

    Extra large contact surface

    Genuinely thin body:17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave

    Find out even more about the Grandstand v2 Pedal on Odyssey’s website!

  • Oct 21, 2020

    We The People 2021 Bikes

    The new We The People 2021 bikes will be here soon! Take a look at the entire line and get all the details on the bikes you want to get. 

  • Sep 28, 2020

    Sunday Introduces Broc Raiford’s signature Darkwave Frame and Fork

    Available now, and new for 2020 is Broc Raiford’s signature Darkwave Frame in Matte Dusk Fade and Matte Raw. Both colorways also come with Broc’s new signature decals.  Along with the introduction of the Darkwave Frame comes the 41-Thermal Darkwave Fork.  Check out all of the details below!

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    The Darkwave is not only 100% built out of 4130 chromoly, but it also features Sunday’s signature dent-resistant wave down tube to giveriders a little extra peace of mind when things don’t go according to plan. Itstays looking clean with refined details like an integrated seat clamp, tapered stays, and integrated chain tensioners. Removable brake hardware and gyro tabs are also available when you need them and disappear when you don’t.

    Broc’s preference in geometry gave the Darkwave a 75.25°
    head tube angle for keeping the front end responsive, and a slammed 13.25”
    chainstay combined with a 9.25” standover to give it the proper balance of pop
    and stability.

    All this makes the Darkwave an affordable and versatile
    signature frame that’s designed to handle Broc’s 4 foot high bunnyhops, massive
    drops, and all the tech combos in between.


    Top Tube Lengths: 20.75″, 21″, or 21.25″

    Head Tube Angle: 75.25°

    Seat Tube Angle: 71°

    Chainstay Length: 13.25-13.5″

    Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75″

    Standover: 9.25″

    Tire Clearance: 2.4”

    Head Tube Length: 5.1”


    100% 4130 chromoly frame

    Broc Raiford signature geometry.

    Removable U-brake hardware and Gyro tabs

    Integrated seat clamp

    Wave Down Tube:

    Down tube dents are common with the competitor’s frames and
    they significantly weaken the front end of your bike. The double-butted, 1.45″
    diameter down-tube feature Sunday’s proven Wave shaping to fight denting
    against contact made from a rail, ledge, coping and whatever else happens to
    get thrown at it.

    Butted Seat Tube & Miter Cut Top Tube:

    The seat tube is where all three triangles of the frame meet
    and it is crucial to keep this junction strong.

    Tapered Chain & Seat Stays:

    Both chain and seat stays taper to provide a refined and
    clean look to the frame while still providing strength. They are both angled on
    the inside for improved chain clearance and weight savings.

    Hollow Dropouts with Chain Tensioners:

    Hollow 8mm wide dropouts are as light as a solid 5mm
    dropout, but over twice as strong. There is a small internal chain tensioner to
    hold the wheel in position and to simplify wheel removal.

    41-Thermal Darkwave Forks

    Along with the introduction of the Darkwave Frame comes the
    Darkwave Fork in Rust Proof Black, Chrome, and matching Midnight Blue (also
    matches Midnight Blue Nighshift Frame). It comes with the 28mm offset the
    Sunday team loves and backed by an unmatched and legendary 41-Thermal lifetime
    warranty against bending and breaking.

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