Feb 6, 2020

Frostbike 2020

As usual, we had a great time at our in-house (out-house?) tradeshow, Frostbike.  QBP works to bring bike shops together to learn, talk through our challenges, and of course keep up with all things BMX!  This year we had a new location - Denver, Colorado. Check out a few of the highlights below!

We had a number of people who loved the BMX “parts wall” we put together for our QBP BMX booth. The idea was to show shops that it doesn’t have to be difficult to stock a variety of BMX brands and products to support your local riders. As always, we are happy to help out and would love to hear from you - bmxsales at qbp.com. We also had a fair amount of folks asking where they can find a “starter fixture”. The one we had at the show was custom built, but a quick search for “gondola display” will provide a number of options.

Bike shops can use this example list and copy the part numbers directly into QBP’s site to get a cart going and edit it as you like! This could be a great starting point to kick things off with your BMX assortment. *note there are some specialty products included that are not recommended for beginners.

QBP Item Description Story
TR6915 Sunday Street Sweeper 20” x2.4” Blue/Blk Blue Story
PD2022 Stolen Thermalite Pedals Bright Blue Blue Story
HT9368 ODI Cult x Vans Grips Flangeless Blue Blue Story
HT3691 ODI Soft Longneck Maiden America Grips Blue Story
TR6858 Sunday Seeley Street Sweep Tire 2.4 Pur Purple Story
HT7407 Eclat x ODI Pulsar Grips Purple Purple Story
PD2003 Stolen Thermalite 9/16Pedals Purple Purple Story
PD9378 Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals 9/16”, Purple Purple Story
SM7704 Cult Salvation Top Ld Stem V4 51mm Black Freestyle Variety
PD2900 CULT DAK Nylon Pedal Black Freestyle Variety
HE1206 TSC Classic Helmet Matte Black Lg/XL Freestyle Variety
HD8932 Stolen Revolver Headset Polished Freestyle Variety
HB0177 Sunday Discovery Handlebar 9.25” Black Freestyle Variety
SM7872 Salt AM V2 stem Oil slick Freestyle Variety
PD4310 Flybikes Ruben GraphitePedals Black Freestyle Variety
BR1612 Manual Classic CNC Brake Flat Black Freestyle Variety
PG9851 Shadow Invisa-Lite Knee Pads Med Blk Freestyle Variety
PD0300 BSD Safari Pedals Black Freestyle Variety
HB7904 Salt Pro Handlebar 9” CP Freestyle Variety
CR5774 Salt Plus Center Sprocket 25t Oil slick Freestyle Variety
HU8726 Shadow S.O.D. Featherweight Peg Freestyle Variety
CR9219 Stolen Mob Cranks V3 175mm Chrome Freestyle Variety
HD1100 CULT Original Headset Black Freestyle Variety
CR6914 Odyssey Utility Pro Guard Spro Black 25T Freestyle Variety
CR0721 Eclat AK Guard Sprocket 25t Black Freestyle Variety
HU6838 BSD Rude Tube XL PC Peg 10mm Black Freestyle Variety
SM3488 Odyssey Boss V2 Top Load Stem Black Freestyle Variety
ST3301 Answer Alloy 27.2 Pivotal Post - Black Race Variety
CH5105 KMC K1SL SuperLite 1/8” Kool Chain Ti Gd Race Variety
CH5041 KMC Z610HX Silver3/32” Race Variety
HT9435 ODI Elite Motion Lock-On Grips Blue Race Variety
HB3720 Box One Handlebar 5.5” Black Race Variety
FK1021 Ciari Piccolo Junior Full Carbon Fork Race Variety
TR2637 IRC Siren 20 x 1.75 Folding tire Race Variety
TR4752 Tioga FASTR Tire - 20 x 1.85, Clincher, Folding, Black, 120tpi Race Variety
SA1650 Tioga D-Spyder S-Spec BMX Seat - Pivotal, Black Race Variety
MX7119 Tangent Ventril 3D LG Black w Wht Race Variety
MX7110 Tangent Ventril 3D SM Black w Wht Race Variety
HT9283 ODI VANS Lock-On grips Gum 130mm Race Variety