Ever since I was 11 I’ve been making sketches of ideas I had for bike parts. At school I would daydream about the ultimate bike. I eventually thought about it so much, it caused me to become mechanically inclined. I always thought there was a way to improve the parts that were on my bike or I saw in magazines. By time I was 16 I decided that I wanted to start a bike company one day.

In Tree Bicycle Co. was started it in 2002 out of my garage.  I started Tree with the intention of making the parts so good that they sold themselves. We didn’t advertise with any major media for the first 8 years. By 2005 pro riders from all over ran our parts unsolicited and Tree was distributed in 18 countries without formal marketing. We continue to this day with the same purpose and drive that the company was built upon from day one. 

-Sam Schulte (owner, founder, and sole product designer)

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