The Shadow Conspiracy

Ron Bonner started The Shadow Conspiracy back in the days when most BMX companies were just little parts of big corporations without much connection to BMX riders and had very little soul.  You remember the times…BMX had become an “extreme sport” and a bunch of companies had jumped in and were using BMX as a convenient way to sell stuff to the youth of the time.  By the time he was working on Shadow Ron already had a ton of experience on the business side of BMX, having founded UGP way back in 1986 and developing it into a staple of the BMX lifestyle.  Eventually Ron ended up selling UGP to free up time for other projects, including The Shadow Conspiracy.

A number of rider-focused and/or rider-owned BMX brands also sprung up at the time and created a wave of change that eventually reshaped most of the BMX industry, but Shadow is one of the few that has endured over the years.  Much of the credit for that fact can be attributed to the inspired products and marketing that Shadow has produced over the years, and the brand’s unwavering commitment to an ethos that is unlike any other in the Industry.  Shadow has long been known as a brand that either you’re into or you’re not, and if you aren’t into it the Shadow crew isn’t going to spend a lot of time trying to convince you to buy into what they’re doing.  Ron has said “We didn’t want a project that everybody and their brother liked, as once that happens, you are two steps from your grave.  We do things we want to and we do it for people that are like-minded.  Meaning we are not trying to take over the world, just do our own thing!”


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