Profile Racing

Profile Racing, Inc. started in early 1968 when the firm was established as a racecar chassis shop in Flemington, New Jersey by Jim Alley. Profile Racing moved its operations to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1971. Then, in 1978 Jim’s son, Corey, and daughter, Justine had their first taste of BMX racing at a small track in St. Petersburg. The entire Alley family was immediately hooked on this sport. With Jim’s keen eye for innovation and competitiveness, a new venture into the bicycle industry was born. It was an easy transition for Profile Racing to make. Having its background in auto racing, chromemoly fabrication and lightweight, aluminum alloy components, Profile Racing was a natural for the BMX bicycle industry.
While BMX racing was in its early stages it was hungry for durable, lightweight components. 1979 was the year Profile Racing produced its first 3-piece chromoly tubular crank set with the 48-spline axle. Little did Profile Racing know that this crankset and its components would become the “standard” for the BMX bicycle industry and continue to be the “standard” over a quarter of a century later.
The longevity of Profile Racing in this industry can be attributed to its innovative product development, its contribution and support to the sport, and the true dedication of its very talented employees. Still, to this day, Profile Racing products are 100% made in the United States of America.
From everyone at Profile Racing, we would sincerely like to thank you for your interest in Profile Racing. We hope you get as much enjoyment from Profile Racing components and products as we do designing and manufacturing them.

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