Fly Bikes

Based in Spain, Flybikes has been around for something like 10 years and is known in BMX primarily for two things:  An excellent team of riders from all over the place (Spain, Australia, France, Italy, the USA, you get the idea), and a history of innovative products that have helped shape the modern BMX product landscape.

A few people may remember the years when BMX frames all had those giant old American bottom bracket shells.  Back around 2000 people thought it would be an improvement to switch over to the smaller, threaded European bottom brackets.  Well, the problem was that the bearings that were not strong enough to stand up to BMX riding, and BMX mechanics (riders) never figured out how to set them up right.  The result was a lot of broken bearings and broken hearts.  Well, David Quesada at Fly came up with a solution:  The Spanish BB.  Larger bearings and fewer pieces meant a more durable (and easier to install) bottom bracket.  You know those fancy removable brake mounts on your new (insert brand here) frame?  Flybikes has been using those for years.  Cutting down the number of parts on your bike?  Yep, that’s been Fly’s ethos for a long time too.

Enough history though.  Take a look at the current Flybikes line.  With frames and products designed around the preferences of a number of different team riders combined with an incredible attention to detail it’s easy to understand the enduring popularity of the brand.  Are you going to pay a little more for Flybikes stuff?  Maybe, but not always.  Are you going to get more?  Almost definitely.


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