The BSD name first made its appearance back in 1991 when founder and co-owner of the brand Grant Smith started making BMX videos. It wasn’t until 1998 while Grant was working as a mechanical design engineer that the first BSD product was made, custom sprockets, 44t, 10mm thick, weighing ten times as much as a sprocket would today. Fast forward a few years to 2005 and BSD had branched out into other products too, bars, titanium axles and hubguards.
One of the parts BSD was and is still most well known for is the Jersey Barrier hubguard. Many riders had problems with the generic ‘one size fits all’ aluminium designs that were around at the time. Fitting these often meant stretching the dropouts apart to accommodate the extra thickness of the guard and as they were designed to fit all hubs, they rarely properly fitted any. Another issue was the aluminium, it made the guards too sticky when it came to grinding. BSD found a solution and created a range of guards made to fit specific popular hubs. The innovative design featured a high-density plastic outer sleeve that was slidey enough to grind without sticking. Underneath the plastic guard sat a tailor made 7075 aluminium support base, replacing the collar on the hub.
Today, the hubguards are only one of BSD’s ever increasing line-up of quality products. Whether you are into riding trails, a brakeless street rider or the technical skatepark guy, BSD has you covered. How to sum up what BSD is all about, they are a rider owned and run UK company with a diverse team of riders from around the world. The brands strong design ethos has always been based around listening to their riders and combining their ideas with Grant’s mechanical design background, to create simple functional parts capable of withstanding modern day riding.

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