The Shadow Conspiracy Captive Fork

The Captive fork has revolutionary adjustable offset fork designed exclusively for use with female axle hubs. Look how smooth that drop out is, with plenty of room for any pegs you want to run. 

It also has 4130 Sanko chromoly with fluted, butted, tapered tubing and formed shape at dropouts to increase strength.

1 piece steer tube with cut lines to properly cut down your fork, and recessed threads allow the top cap that comes with the fork to work smooth. Integrated race, so you don't have to pound on the headset race. The coffin cut out adds some unique style to the fork. 

Includes 7075 adaptors that allow you to customize your offset - 26mm or 32mm. If you are looking to get better at nose manuals and ride street go with 26mm. Ride a lot of trails run the 32mm for smooth control.

5mm thick enclosed dropouts for 3/8 female type hub only. 


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