Shadow x QBMX KIL Tour Stop East County BMX

Here are some photos from the good times that went down at East County BMX for the KIL tour stop.

Thanks to East County everyone had free pizza.

How often do you see a nose manual train with Simone and Trey.

Albert double peg to table off the coffin that will have a new home at Mission Valley.

You know where you are? You're in the jungle and you're going to die!

QBMX's own Glenn got in on the action.

This guy was stoked to ride with the Shadow team.

Autography session going down, that had the line way out the door.

Simone was drawing beards on himself.

One of the GIRLS that showed up was rep'n with some style.

It was Seth Kimbrough's birthday so the crowd sang him happy birthday.

Everyone loves free stuff thrown in the air!



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