Profile at Woodward

Ricky Moseley 360 whip over the mini mega. 


"For the past three summers, Woodward Camp has been incredibly generous in offering us a 'Profile Week.'"

It was good three summer's ago, and it's only gotten better...this year being, by far, the most fun and productive.

Considering our team is busiest during the summer months, it is difficult to pin down a gaggle of our riders on a certain date for a full week. This year, schedules worked out for 

Mark Mulville, Ricky Moseley, and Dillon Leeper...thanks to the three of them for being up at 8am, and ready to shred with campers right after breakfast each morning.

Here's a collection of photos I captured over the course of the week. Enjoy.

Thanks again to woodward camp for the hospitality, and thanks to all the campers who were incredibly fun to ride with."

-Matt Coplon

​Mark Mulville Xup seat grab!

Matt Coplon step up off the the target. 

Dillon Leeper over tooth. 

Matt out of the wall ride. 

Ricky with a big tooth in the cage. 

Hanging with the kids!

Mark with a tire slide. 

Matt shows Mark that he can tire slide as well.

Soaring over the snake run! 

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