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What can be said about Matt Coplon that hasn't been said before? He is one of the hardest working and nicest guys in BMX! He is also a great story teller and super fun guy to go on road trips with. All around Matt is a really awesome guy, oh and he shreds when he rides! Now scope out Matt's bike and riding. 

Matt at Bethlehem, PA skate park while on the Profile/FBM Maiden America Tour. 

No big surprise that Matt runs a Profile Pusher stem, he has worked for Profile for years. 

Deco FuBars

​Danger Matt is going to wall ride in Johnstown, PA

The only color on the bike is the Ti spokes in the front wheel. 

The rare Profile gas pedals, and the most well know cranks in BMX. Matt is also running a Deco frame, seat and post.

Nose press stall against the sub, at this little place you may have heard of Woodward. 

Left side drive

Vert wall action

Matt with a big foot plant in

Corner fun in the Deco pool

Classic flattie over some rails

Matt is no stranger to the X-up

Watch Matt Coplon and the crew from tour. 

Steady Rollin In Pennsylvania from TiogaBMX on Vimeo.

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