Latane Coghill FBM Bike Check

Good time fun can be had on a simple flat bar, ride what you have!

Hang on you are about to go on a ride!

Strong front end with the Black Flag Bars and bottle opener stem. 

That bike has pegs all over the place!

Frame: FBM The Hard Way

Headset: FBM

Forks: FBM CB4Ks

Bars: FBM Black Flag 4 piece bars

Grips: FBM Blackheart

Cranks: Profile 170mm

Sprocket: FBM Holeshot

Pedals: FBM Nice Nylon pedals

Seat: FBM  Blackheart Pivotal black

Seatpost: FBM Black

Wheels: Deah Super Pro

Tires: Animal front, rear- Tioga Streetblock front- black

Mods- Tennis ball, tons of stickers, additional DeAh, lots of pegs.​

Even the black and white grinds in tight spots look wild!

The Hard Way from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Latane Coghill Thursday edit from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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