Land O Lakes National

This past weekend was the Minnesota national at the Rum River track in Isanti. QBMX crew drove up to watch the action. A few of us had raced for many years, and Dan was even Pro, so we had a lot of fun. We may even get back out the track again soon to race ourselves. Here are some photos from Sundays action.

With a pretty small starting hill, you had to be on it for the second pedal.

I was suprised at how fast the little guys were moving.

This kid pulled out in front of his race big time.

If you were in the lead by the first turn you pretty much had the win from what I saw.

Rolling through the second straight.

Moves were made in the first turn, some worked and a lot didn't.

If I was racing still this is what I would see going down the second straight, everyone way a head of me.

Adam Welter in first place from the gate to the finish.

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