Jackson Ratima’s Stolen Bike Check

Jackson's ride ready to go.

Stolen's new head badge up front. 

Jackson is running all 4 pegs and uses them all equally.

Drive train action. Good look at Stolen's D shape chain stays. 


Frame: STLN Legion 21" 

Fork: STLN Typhoon

Bar: STLN Cell 8.65"

Stem: Primo Aneyerlator V2

Grips: STLN Loot

Barends: STLN Bar Plugz

Headset: Primo

Front Wheel: Primo N4FL

Front Tire: STLN Joint 2.3"

Cranks: Primo

Pedals: STLN Thermalite

Sprocket: Primo

BB: STLN Revolver 22mm

Chain: STLN Balland

Seat: Primo Fat

Post: Primo 

Rear Wheel: Primo Remix

Rear Tire: Primo V-Monster V2

Guards: Primo N4FL & Drive

Pegs: Primo Binary V2


Stolen Bikes - Jackson Ratima's Day in the Life from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

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