Interbike day 3

This is the real KP lovingly looking at the blue 2012 Tierra frame.

Kevin shows just how easy it is to do 270 x-ups with Tierra bars. The bars are black, but the Flybikes complete is blue.

The collection is not complete with out the Duffs Tierra

The 2012 Stolen completes were getting a lot of attention at show for how dialed they were. Notice the color of the top Heist?

The blue and orange Stolen Casino has a lot of pop and I'm not just talking bunny hops. It also comes in red, and black/green in case for some odd reason you are not down with blue.

Stolen has a new 24" bike called the Saint with blue rims just for good measure.

Stolen also has a new Vendetta frame that is Morgan Long's signature frame. It has a spiral down tube for strength and coolness. Shockingly available in blue.

Just some of the parts Stolen has to offer, I think the blue parts are very striking myself.

BSD has the Trail or Park set up here in the new blue option. No longer will A.D.D. jokes be about something shiny it will be blue.

Grant from BSD with the WZA frame in you guessed it blue! Grant even played it safe with a blue shirt, and spots something blue.

BSD parts, the Back Street has been updated and now have a machined logo.

Profile Racing had some gold cranks but notice the hand is pointing to the blue sprocket!

Yes that is a BLUE monkey!

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