Glen Girbovan Stolen Bike Check

All I can think of is AC/DC Back in Black when I see Glen Girbovan's bike.

Stolen badge coming at you!

Stolen Deviant bar has spiral fluted cross bar for extra strength and style.

A little yellow on the spokes is a nice touch of color. If you haven't tried the Silencer pegs yet do it, they are so smooth.

Stolen Joint tires roll fast, valve caps cant hang on.

Frame: STLN Legion 21"

Fork: STLN Vortex

Bar: STLN Deviant 8.5"

Stem: STLN T.L.C.

Grips: STLN Loot

Headset: STLN Insider II

Front Wheel: Alienation

Front Tire: Black Label

Cranks: STLN Team 22. We will have the Team 22 very soon.

Pedals: STLN Thermalite

Sprocket: STLN Sumo

BB: STLN Revolver 22mm

Chain: STLN Balland

Seat: MarkIt

Post: STLN Tuner

Rear Wheel: Alienation

Rear Tire: STLN Joint 2.2"

Pegs: STLN Silencer

Thanks to Paul Alfaro for sending over this photo of Glen throwing the bars. Want to see more photos Instagram - @glen_girbovan

Stolen Bikes - Welcome Glen Girbovan from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

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