Frostbike Day 1

Every year QBMX has more stuff at Frostbike.

Demolition / Volume booth.

You have to be careful around this booth they might use the parts as weapons.

This is a sweet paint job, that is done by an elephant spraying paint out of it's trunk.

Jeremy at the Deluxe booth that will be later turned into a bar.

Just a few of the items on hand.

Shadow is cold chilling! They are also giving away free socks!

The Shadow x Dub seat.

The new copper color that we now have in stock.

Profile and Deco getting down to business.

Bernie at the QBMX booth that has BSD, Mutant bikes, Chase, Primo, and R12.

Stolen booth.

Stolen bike display.

Flybike incase you didn't notice the banners.

Frames looking smooth.

ODI makes a lot of grips.

Tree brought back their tree full of products.

The new Tree seat.

Odyssey has all kinds of new stuff, we will take a closer look in the next blog.

How sick is this!

Box and Promax excited to be at Frostbike.

Steve Crandall was going to come Frostbike, but didn't. We really love Crandall, and hate that we don't get to see him enough.


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