FBM’s Tom Blyth Bike Check

Tom Blyth has long hair, lives in England, likes King Diamond, knows Van Homan, most likely hates Kenny Horton, rides for FBM, and now has a bike check with QBMX. All joking aside Tom is a great rider that comes up with some pretty original moves on street. Take a look at his bike set up then watch him in action in the videos at the end of the bike check. 

The Bellwitch is Tom's signature frame from FBM.

Headbanger bars are a must for any King Diamond fan!

A frame made in the USA with an inverted cross of course can only be a FBM.

Frame: FBM Bellwitch 20.75
Fork: ODSY
Headset: FBM
Bottom Bracket- FBM
Stem: FBM Crown Royal 2
Bars: FBM Headbangers
Grips: FBM Double Fisters
Sprocket: odsy
Pedals: odsy
Wheels: ODSY Gsport
Tires: odsy 
Seatpost: FBM pivotal
Seat: FBM Prototype Throne seat
Custom mods-  King Diamond signature hardtail. Savakas Sticker, Organ Pipes, Party Time Excellence

I could go with a Van Homan caption, I instead will go with this looks like an ad for BMXers to buy more flannel.

This is a photo of a front load stem, trail riders don't freak out.

Sweet spot to rest your bum as Tom might say as he is from England.


Fbm Road Trip to Texas Part 1 from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Road trip to Texas from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Tom Blyth - Thousand Yard Stare from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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