Bike Check with Brian Venable of Lucero

This is a sweet ride from back in the day that still gets use, and going strong!

Classic bottle neck stem. 

There was a time when you saw "this bike is a pipe bomb" stickers on a lot of bikes, I even had one on mine.

Original Angel Of Death... with Original FBM components...

Frame: FBM Angel of Death 21"  Black (original issue)
Fork: FBM Kick ass forks
Headset: FBM
Bottom Bracket- FBM
Stem: FBM Bottleneck
Bars: FBM Old 76 Bars
Grips: FBM Double Fisters
Barends- Chanticleer
Brakes- ODSY/ Tech 77 lever
Sprocket: T1 Gower Power
Pedals: DV ripoffs
Wheels: Primo
Tires: Primo
Seatpost: who knows
Seat: Primo

Custom mods-  Guitar string brake cable restraints, Old man seat post height, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb sticker, "I love you" Stencil, rusty stem bolts.

When not riding Brian plays in this band Lucero, if you haven't heard them check them out!

This seem like trouble in the making!

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