Apr 3, 2018


Do you want BMX to thrive? Then you should be aware that BMX needs support. Here is a quick rundown of how you can make a difference and be a BMX hero!

Do you want BMX to thrive? Then you should be aware that BMX needs support in order to have big events, sponsored rides, and everything else that goes with the large scale fun that reaches the masses. The masses are what help your favorite bike part get made, or for riders and brands to travel. Events and support make sure that BMX grows and keeps going so the next riders can enjoy it as much as you do. It doesn’t take much to support those who support you. Make sure you are buying from your local bike shop and the brands that are making an impact on you. Also, get involved - it can be as simple as a bunnyhop contest or a rail placed in front of the shop.

How can events can make an impact, and keep everything moving in the right direction? E=mc2 stick with me for a second. E is energy, m is mass, c2 is speed of light times itself (in this case just speed). What does this have to do with BMX jams? Creating a BMX event brings energy to you. That is followed by a mass of BMXers (consumers). BMXers who then start spending at a speed faster than before the event. We were just at the Wheel Mill Winter Welcome Jam in Pittsburgh, PA. The event had no less than 300 people there that came from states away. The Wheel Mill has a shop that did very well over the weekend, and so did other shops in the area from the event. Want to put together a jam or event? We are here to help you with questions and even support for your event. (Have your local bike shop contact us!)