Tim Gallant

What is your job with QBMX? - I’ve been involved since early on and used to be the guy in charge.  These days I just haunt the halls.

Why work for QBMX? - It’s a great group of people working in the industry they love, connected to a lot of great people from a lot of great brands.

When not riding BMX what takes up your time? - Riding bikes with my kids, keeping Bernie in line, keeping my car on the road

Who or what is your biggest riding influence? - The people who really love it and live it, and I see two types of people like that:  The ones who just started and are super-excited every day to try hard and learn new things, and the ones who’ve been riding forever but aren’t jaded and still make the extra effort to fit it in and keep getting better.

What is your go to trick(s)? - Half-table-turn-bar-kick-out

Best thing you ever saw BMX related? - It’s cliché but I’m going to say BMX racing in the Olympics.  The difference between the stage that BMX racing has now compared to what I grew up with is amazing.

Second-Best Thing you ever saw in BMX? - The NORA Cup party.  Every year I half-drag the rest of QBMX to the party.  It’s always a hot mess with crazy stuff going on, but the energy in the room is hard to beat.

Music that you are into? - Esquivel!

Something random: - I just started fencing and it’s really pretty cool.