Jay Schlie

What is your job with QBMX? - Marketing and a little of what ever pops up.

Why work for QBMX? -  Good times, and I get help keep BMX alive.

When not riding BMX what takes up your time? - Art, music, and going fast on my motorcycle.

Who or what is your biggest riding influence? - Mat Hoffman, Brian Foster, and trails.

What is your go to trick(s)? - Turndowns and tabletops

Best thing you ever saw BMX related? - Good friends getting sponsored because they deserved it. Anytime I have ever seen Mat Hoffman ride in person. 

Music that you are into? - Anything fast and full of energy.  The Hives, Snapcase, Refused, Dillinger Four are all great to ride to.

Where has BMX taken you? - I learned to travel from BMX. Going to races when I was a kid was awesome, because I got out of my small town and went on adventures to ride my bike. I have since been to 46 states, and 13 countries almost all them bike related in some way. The best was when I went to Australia for a month and rode every day. 

Something random: - First time I ever flew in a plane I jumped out. Skydiving was not as scary as the pile of junk they called a plane.